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Walking With God: A Journey through the Bible, By Tim Gray, Ph.D. and Jeff Cavins

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In Walking with God: A Journey through the Bible, Dr. Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins unpack the central story woven throughout Scripture and present it in an easy-to-read, concise manner. Gray and Cavins take readers on a journey through the narrative books of the Bible the ones that tell the story and present a panoramic view of God's glorious plan of salvation. Their expert commentary dives deep into the mysteries of Scripture, unlocking its riches and showing you how these inspired words are meant for you today.

Enter into the Scriptures with Walking with God, witness the fascinating story of our faith unfold, and see how you, at this moment in your life, fit into God's plan for all of humanity.

The Bible plays a vital role in the life of the Catholic Church. In fact, we are called to immerse ourselves daily in the Scriptures. But many of us get lost when we actually dive into the Bible, and our time spent can be more frustrating than fruitful. We are reading a collection of writings drafted by an ancient people, in an ancient culture. But Scripture is nothing less than the Living Word of God, and it is meant just as much for us as for those who lived thousands of years ago.

Read the entire story of the Bible in one captivating and inspirational book

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  • 318 pages