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Family Owned

Tom and Joanne Peters opened our doors back in 1994. With 12 kids, teaching CCD, training altar servers, K of C, Legion of Mary, Choir, and Divine Mercy, they might as well run a Catholic Bookstore too.

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Read about the history of Tom and Joanne Peters' Catholic Books and Gifts...

Catholic Books and Gifts March 8, 1994, Tom Peters began his daily Butler's Lives of the Saints reading. The saint that day was St. John of God, patron saint of booksellers. Timing the opening of our first bookstore to the feast day of St John of God was not intentional. They say there are no coincidences with God.

Fast forward 15 years and our small 900sqft store just would not suffice any longer. Though the rent was very reasonable, we decided to look into moving into a larger building. So Tom and Joanne made a 9 day novena to St. Joseph and shopped around, settling on a nearby building 3 times the size. The rent was much higher and seemed impossible to meet, but the location was good.

A few days later they stopped in to check and see how the building preparations were coming. Inside was a painting crew hired by the landlord. They went inside to greet them and noticed that on their shirts in big print was the painting company's name: St. Joseph's Construction. No coincidences, right?

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