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Theology of Prayer by Father John A. Hardon, S.J.

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A Book for Both Religious and Lay People Who Are Looking for the One and Only Irreplaceable Means of Growing in Union with God.

On all sides we hear it said that the basic problem in the world today is the fact that people are not prayer, or not praying enough, and this is true. But it is not enough to say that we should pray and should encourage others to do the same. We had better also know what prayer really means.

Otherwise, as has happened to so many, we and they may, I do not say, give up prayer, but not profit as much as we should for what is by all odds the most profitable enterprise in which any person can engage. There is nothing more profitable in which any human being can engage than to pray.

Paperback 172 pages.
4'' 1/2 x 7''