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Theology For Beginners by F. J. Sheed - Catholic Apologetics Book, Paperback, 186 pp.

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In Theology For Beginners, a Catholic apologetic book, Frank Sheed presents a clear, precise, and inspiring modern introduction to theology - the central doctrines of the Catholic faith.

If you are just starting to study theology, or have tried to study it before and lost interest because of the difficulty of the material, this book is for you. This is, quite simply, the best introduction to Catholic theology available. Mr. Sheed does a superb job of putting some of the most complex concepts into the simplest language.

While you will still have to spend a lot of time turning these ideas around in your mind until you begin to understand them, you can be assured that the author's style facilitates this understanding. Even after you have moved on to more complicated themes, you will find yourself referring back to this book repeatedly.

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