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The Shroud of Turin DVD

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This is the definitive collection of three stunning films on the Shroud of Turin that spans 32 years of award-winning film-making on the Shroud by acclaimed British film producer and director David Rolfe.

These films use the latest scientific, historical, medical and archaeological research on the Shroud to reveal the amazing evidence for the very strong possibility of the authenticity of it as the burial cloth of Christ. Many of the foremost experts worldwide on the Shroud were involved with the making of these films.

This DVD has three acclaimed films on the Shroud of Christ

  • The Silent Witness: this film broke box office records when it opened up in London in 1978. Kenneth more narrates what became the most successful film ever made on the subject, winning a British Academy Award and many other international prizes. This film greatly expanded interest in the Shroud worldwide.

  • Shroud of Turin: Commissioned by the BBC in 2008, twenty years after the C14 test that cast a shadow over Shroud research, this film looks at how that test stands up against the weight of other evidence from history, archeology, forensic medicine, art, and 3D analysis. It is the first film production to have direct access to film the Shroud in high definition.

  • Shroud: The official film for the 2010 Exposition of the Shroud. Written by Lan Wilson, it tells the story of the Shroud for our modern age of technology to show the image of the Man on the Shroud as never before seen. This film does not shrink from from examining the religious significance of what has become the single most studied article in history.

  • This DVD includes many "Special Features."
  • Run Time: 160 Minutes