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The Path Jesus Walked by Margaret Nelson

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A family devotional on the events of Jesus's life on earth from the time he was a tiny baby until his death and ascension into heaven. For instance, you will read about angel Gabriel's message to Mary, where Jesus was born, his teenage years when he was lost, and the family's happy reunion. Later, you will see an illustration of Jesus's baptism in the river and read about his first miracle. Then you will discover the sorrowful experiences Jesus endured when Roman soldiers acted upon the orders they were given. Finally, you will see a picture of Jesus rising into heaven and read about what happened on earth after he was gone.
Be sure to look for the dove of the Holy Spirit, watching over the Holy Family on each page. Sometimes he is hard to find, but don't give up because he is always there. The spiritual virtues relate to each event of Jesus's life and can be practiced in our own daily lives. Biblical references are included for further family reading activities.

  • Paperback
  • 23 Pages