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The Miraculous Medal: Pendant of Power by Christine Watkins

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The most highly praised, exciting, and comprehensive book on the Miraculous Medal ever written. Fr. Daniel Reehil, VF, exorcist and Director of Radio Maria, called it “riveting”…”a must read.” Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, found it “fascinating,” Bishop Joseph Coffey labeled it “excellent,” and Fr. Jose D’Souza, OFM, declared it “a masterpiece.” The Miraculous Medal: Pendant of Power is an unprecedented and captivating compilation of nearly two centuries of iron-clad proof of the Medal’s real power: Mary’s intercession before the throne of God. It begins with the story of St. Catherine Labouré, the apostle of the Miraculous Medal, captured in a new light with little-known, intriguing facts. Then it tells how the Medal grew in fame by helping convert to Catholicism a rich, rabidly anti-Catholic Jewish agnostic connected to the Rothschild family. The book also recounts how the Medal helped save a man destined for the electric chair, and how It defeated a high wizard of Satanism, the top title granted in that malevolent world—and the head-to-head battle was no contest. The book continues to journey through time and nations, telling tales of how the Medal has battled and conquered Freemasonry, atheism, religious indifference, sickness, death, danger, and despondency. The graces that have followed the Medal, rippling through time into the present day, have done nothing less than bring the Gospel to life. The blind see, the crippled walk, the dying come to life, and a divine hand of extraordinary, supernatural protection does the impossible—but most importantly, lost souls are brought through Mary into the Heart of Jesus Christ. Read this most inspiring book, and avail yourself now of the daily graces that that heaven has in store for you.