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The Little Flowers of St. Francis - A Paraphrase, translated by Donald E. Demaray

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One of the most delightful books ever written, The Little Flowers of St. Francis by Brother Ugolino di Monte Santa Maria was written nearly a hundred years after the death of St. Francis (1182-1226). It came to light during a stormy period in the early life of the Order in an attempt to capture for posterity the true Franciscan spirit exemplified in the lives and thoughts of St. Francis and his followers. the childlike simplicity and candor of the stories speak with the power of unvarnished truth and reveal a depth of spirituality often hidden from the learned and the wise. Dr. Demaray has captured both the spirit and the sense of the original in an easy-to-read format that employs a style easily accessible to the hurried, if not harried, reader of our own day and age. May the gentle and generous heart of St. Francis inspire peace and joy in all who meet him in these pages.