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The Intimate Life of Sister Lucia by Fr. Robert J. Fox - Catholic Book, Paperback, 338 pp.

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This book will stir the hearts of many with new documents on Sister Lucia. Never, ever before, in the 2000 year history of the Church has God required a humble Sister, with little formal education, to call the Pope and the Bishops of the World to an action which would change the direction of the world. Such was the misson given Lucia, one of the little shepherds of Fatima. What has the intimate life of Lucia of Fatima been like these long decades since? Fr. Martins, who in 1973 first gave us the Memoirs and Letters of Sr. Lucia in Portuguese, French and English, now gives us, through the Fatima Family Apostolate, documents which have waited until the Third Millenium before they could be published.

This unique book off the presses, in January 2001, in the 94th year of Sister Lucia’s life, will be for many as dramatic a revelation as the Memoirs of Sister Lucia which sent the message of Fatima around the world. Sister Lucia, who was told by the Mother of God in 1917 that her cousins, Blessed Jacinta and Blessed Francisco, would soon be taken to heaven while she must remain in the world many years to be used by God, has suffered much for over 80 years. Discover how she has remained spiritually young, vivacious, joyful, humble, obedient, full of faith, working to save souls and fulfill her mission. Perhaps no one has lived the Fatima message more profoundly than has Sister Lucia, unless it be Pope John Paul II. Pope Paul VI met with her in 1967. Pope John Paul II met with her in 1982, 1991, and 2000 AD. Was her life all glorious as some think? The Intimate Life of Sister Lucia from 1917 to 2001 will reveal Lucia carrying the Cross in union with Jesus Christ in the refuge of Mary’s Immaculate Heart. It will take us to involvements for the May 13, 2000 AD, unveiling of the “Secret” of Fatima.

How did Sister Lucia work to save souls in a practical way, plus prayer? Why did Sister Lucia switch from the Dorothean to the Carmelite Order? How did she relate to others? Fr. Martins uncovers and shows documents never before seen to answer many questions.

Previously, Fr. Martins teamed up with Fr. Robert J. Fox to print the Documents on Fatima. But not until now could Fr. Fox publish this book, The Intimate Life of Sister Lucia, the manuscript given him by Fr. Martins years ago.

Paperback, 338 pages