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The Grunt Padre In Vietnam DVD - Discontinued

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Chaplain Vincent Capodanno earned the tittle, “Grunt Padre” from his fellow Marines because of his experience in severe combat. On September 4th, 1967, deep in the jungle of Vietnam, about 400 marines held off a force of trained Communist veterans-five times their number. Responding to the call of a wounded medic in an exposed position, Fr. Vincent shielded him with his body and comforted him with the words, “Stay quiet, Marine. You will be OK. Someone will be here to help you soon. God is with us all this day.” Instantly, he was killed by enemy machine gun fire. The U.S. government has awarded Fr. Vincent with the congressional medal of honor. His fellow Marines have called him, “a saint.”

Product Details:
  • Format: DVD
  • Length time: 60 minutes