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The Faith Explained (3rd Edition) by Leo J. Trese

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The Faith Explained (3rd Edition) by Leo J. Trese. Paperback, 580 pp.

In this clear and lively explanation of the Catholic faith, Leo J. Trese begins that God, as the one infinitely perfect Being, stands as the only possible infinitely perfect reason for anything being done. Thus, God made man to demonstrate His goodness and it is man’s business to come to know, love, and serve Him.

In this world, however, man can only love God from afar and must wait to have this love fulfilled in heaven, where he will “possess the infinitely perfect God and be possessed by Him in a union so utterly complete that we cannot now even faintly imagine the ecstasy of it.”

Thus, based in the love of God, the elements of the Faith have their meaning, which Trese discusses under the headings of The Creed, The Commandments, the Sacraments, and Prayer. Trese’s insightful and enthusiastic explanation of the Catholic faith will inspire readers to contemplate the richness of God’s gift to us in Jesus Christ and to embrace the Christian life with confidence and joy.

Perfect for RCIA classes, this book is also a magnificent refresher course on the Faith for Catholics and an illuminating resource for non-Catholics with questions about the Church. This 3rd edition incorporates the many changes put into effect by Vatican Council II and the new Catechism of the Catholic Church. With this updating, The Faith Explained continues to be a standard reference book for every Catholic home and library.