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The Chronicle of Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

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The Chronicle of Pilgrimage to the Holy Land--Table Top/Coffeetable Edition.

This album is a rare historical record of events that does not have a religious inclination. Thus, it addresses all believers such as Evangelicals, Protestants, Catholic and Orthodox alike.

The Album’s unique concept lays out historical articles and logs describing generations of pilgrims to the Holy Land. Every article is accompanied by photographs and pictures taken from famous museums and private collections around the globe. One of the main objectives of this album was to give those who could not pilgrim to the Holy Land, a feeling as if they have experienced it through the stories of exciting voyages contained in the album.

Along with more than one thousand detailed maps, illustrations, etchings, lithographs, and photographs, this album brings you the fascinating stories of these pilgrims and the history of the holy sites from the day they were sanctified until present days in special format — that of a newspaper chronicling Christian history and legend in the Holy Land since the birth of Jesus until today.

This is a must have album in all Christian homes. It addresses the audience of hundreds of millions of families who highly value cultural and historical assets related to the Holy Land.

Format: Hardcover, 256 pages, coated paper, over 1100 marvelous pictures, 550 new-letter style articles. Size: 9 ¾” X 13 ½”,

Included with this fabulous book is a DVD--offering a stunning journey and personally narrated pilgrimage to the holy sites in Israel. Your pilgrimage follows the footsteps of Jesus, from his birth in Bethlehem to Nazareth, Galilee, Jerusalem and so much more. With insightful narration, unique accompaniment, you will visit and see more places than you would on a 3-week tour to the Holy Land. This DVD lets you re-live a pilgrimage and invites you to begin your own journey.

  • His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI - El papa Benedicto XVI: "It is a wonderful historical book about the Holy Land. Every Christian must have it..."