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The Catholic Bible Personal Study Edition New American Revised Edition #4600

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The celebrated Personal Study Edition is ideal for lay Scripture students, whether it's used within the context of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, other such parish-based scripture education programs, or in individual study. This essential volume has been significantly upgraded, to better meet its readers' needs. The reading guides have been extensively rewritten, and new and expanded essays and sidebars illuminate special topics and difficult passages in the study materials and the biblical text.

The Personal Study Edition is unparalleled for use in formal Scripture education settings or private Bible study. No other introductory work provides so much essential information in such an organized, easy to retrieve format.

The New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE) brings to culmination the work of nearly 100 scholars, including translators, editors, and a subcommittee of Catholic bishops who provided extensive review of the biblical text over a period of many years. The NABRE is the first major amendment to the New American Bible translation since 1991.

Key Features:
  • A Comprehensive study system, at whose core is a revised Reading Guide. This book-by-book survey of the Scriptures includes charts and line drawing maps. Revised and expanded Questions for Discussion follow each book's section in the Guide.
  • Marginal references in the biblical text that point to specific pages in the Reading Guide are screened for greater visibility.
  • Interesting essays on topics such as The Bible in the Lectionary, Biblical Archeology, and Catholics and Fundamentalism.
  • A 25-page glossary defines biblical terms with which students may not be familiar.
  • A 95-page selective concordance (index) to the New American Bible translation.
  • The complete Sunday and weekday lectionary readings for all liturgical years of the Church.
  • A 32-page section of authoritative, full color New Oxford Bible Maps (with place name index).
  • 10pt. font
  • thumb-index