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The Archbishop Wore Combat Boots by Archbishop Philip Hannan

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"I Felt as numb and emotionally exhausted as every other American struggling to make sense of the stunningly brutal murder... My own grieving, however, would have wait. First lady Jacqueline Kennedy had asked that I deliver the eulogy for her husband - and my friend."-Archbishop Philip Hannan

Whether parachuting behind enemy lines, jumping into a Secret Service car for an impromptu White House meeting with JFK, or navigating the swirling flood waters of a hurricane, Archbishop Philip Hannan only knew one way to do things - with total commitment and at full speed ahead!

Grab a front row seat on Archbishop Hannan's incredibly humble journey, which connects him with critically important people, places, and events spanning the 20th century. An embodiment of the "Greatest Generation," Archbishop Hannan's wit, generosity, and work ethic were unparalleled - as he spoke out against fascism, stood up for his faith, and negotiated the pitfalls of politics.

The behind-the-scenes details, pressures, and emotions from his one-of-a-kind experiences provide a new level of understanding of, and a perspective on, the subtle impact one man can have on history.

Book is Hardcover. 458 pp.