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Quality Wood Bead Cord Rosary

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These are quality, durable rosaries made of cord with wood beads.

These hardy 16" rosaries have wood beads measuring 5mm in diameter and a 4cm crucifix with metal corpus.

In some of the rosaries the 'Our Father' beads are a different color from the 'Hail Mary' beads.

There is also a Mission Rosary available. The World MISSION ROSARY--designed by Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Each decade color represents a different continent.

  • Green for the Forests of Africa
  • Blue for the waters of the Pacific Islands
  • White/clear-the Papal color of Europe
  • Red for the passion of the pioneer spirit of the Americas
  • Yellow for the rising sun of the Orient.

    All these rosaries are imported from the state of Michoacan in south-western Mexico.

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