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Padre Pio and America by Frank M. Rega

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Padre Pio and America by Frank M. Rega

Padre Pio developed a special love for America and Americans - to the point that he wished that all Americans would become his spiritual children. (This book shows how we can still do so!) Includes the fascinating life story of Padre Pio, with emphasis on his early years at San Giovanni Rotondo. From this remote mountain friary he became world famous and exercised unbelievable influence on the world. Covers his early work with Mary Pyle, and with the American GIs who came to visit him during WWII when his part of Italy was liberated. This book demonstrates his amazing sense of humor, his prayer and fasting, his uncanny knowledge of people, and his profound supernatural awareness. In sum, Padre Pio and America will instill a profound awe in readers over the impact a truly saintly priest can have on all who come into contact with him!

Paperback, 308 pp.