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Lives of the Saints: The Monastic Era NC643

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What is a saint? A saint is someone who goes all out for God! God's dream is for each of His sons and daughters to become a saint-fully human and fully holy. Portrayed in this book are 15 of the best-known saints from the Monastic Era of the Church. From the martydom of Saint Catherine and the miracles of Saint Blaise to the conversion of Saint Augustine and the Rule of Saint Benedict, these stories will take the reader on a grand adventure through the lives and missions of our heroes from the millennium after the Early Church.

Parents, grandparents, and boys and girls in particular, will enjoy many warm and wonderful 'teaching moments' in the pages of this beautifully illustrated new classic.

The Catholic Children Classics from Aquinas Kids is a series of illustrated books for children ages 5-9. It offers Bible stories, saint stories, prayers and lessons that are at the read-to-me age, or learning to read for themselves, children will cerish the time spent with you and these books, learning about their Catholic heritage. All books in the series are written and artists with a genuine understanding and affection for children and a love for the Catholic faith.

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