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Let Freedom Ring by Fr. James Altman

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Do you ever feel helpless against the spiritual tactics of the devil? Do you look at the world around you and wonder what YOU can possibly do to make things better? In Let Freedom Ring, Fr. Altman, Fr. Heilman, and Fr. Peckman cover forty ways the devil influences our lives. Over the course of this training, you will learn how to cultivate virtues that counteract demonic manifestations; you will train yourself up spiritually, mentally, and physically; and you will become well-versed in effective spiritual weapons that have fallen by the wayside. As “children of light” we are called to put on the armor of God so that we may stand firm against the tactics of the devil (Ephesians 6:11). The tools in this book give us our weapons back and enable us to fight the darkness. We are the Church Militant. We have sat by for too long and passively let the devil build strongholds in our lives — it is time to take up arms. You are not here by accident. God has placed you in this time and place for a divine reason. We need YOU on the battlefield. Perhaps, like Esther, you were born “for such a time as this.”