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Latin High Mass for Nostalgic Catholics CD

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This moving tribute to the beautiful music of the Catholic heritage includes both common chants of the Mass and some of our most beloved songs, such as Panis Angelicus and Ave Maria. A great gift idea for anyone eager to learn the traditions of church music prior to Vatican II.

1. Introit: Deus Israel
2. Kyrie: Mass in G, Casali
3. Gloria: Mass in G, Casali
4. Collect
5. Epistle: Ephesians
6. Gradual: Uxor Tua
7. Gospel: Matthew
8. Offertory: In Te Speravi
9. Ave Maria, Schubert
10. Preface
11. Sanctus-Benedictus: Mass in G, Casali
12. Pater Noster
13. Agnus Dei: Mass in G, Casali
14. Communion: Ecce Sic Benedicetur
15. Panis Angelicus, Franck
16. Post Communion
17. Ite Missa Est
18. Organ Recessional: Toccata, Symphonie V, Widor

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