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Latin English Booklet Missal - Book of Prayer, Softcover, 68 pp.

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Let the NEW REVISED Latin-English Booklet Missal guide YOU to a fuller, more prayerful participation in the old Mass in Latin.

First printed by Coalition Ecclesia Dei in September, 1990, this Booklet Missal has sold over 210,000 copies nationwide and is now the best-known and most used small missal at the growing number of Tridentine Masses authorized under Pope Benedict XVI's Motu Proprio.

The 68-page, 5 1/2" by 8" leaflet Missal provides a compact source for praying the Tridentine Mass in Latin as well as other traditional prayers and meditations. Large, clear print, classic illustrations and concise explanations make the Fourth Edition easy to follow for senior citizens as well as helpful for younger Catholics and anyone unfamiliar with the rituals of the Tridentine Mass and other time-honored prayers of the Catholic Faith.

  • Complete text in English and Latin of the "Ordinary Prayers" used every day
  • Epistle, Gospel, and other Proper Prayers of Trinity Sunday ( change with each Mass )
  • Over 50 illustrations
  • Instructions for when the Faithful are to kneel, stand or sit
  • Explanatory Table of Contents
  • Prayers before and after Mass
  • Instructions for Confession: Examination of Conscience; Commandments of God and of the Church; Act of Contrition; Thanksgiving; Subjects for Daily Reflection; and more
  • Expanded prayers before/after Communion: St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Ignatius Loyola, St. Bonaventure, St. Ambrose, and others
  • Benediction prayers and hymns, Traditional prayers and devotions to the Blessed Mother, Rosary, Angelus...
  • Music for Missa De Angelis ( sung Mass )