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Healing Prayers by Bart Tesoriero

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This Healing Prayer Book is edited by Bart Tesoriero (4" X 6"). In this book he has attempted to put you in touch with the Father who loves you and always has your best interests at heart.

We offer these prayers as a help to connect with God and His healing power, both directly as well as through the intercession of Mary and the saints. Remember that healing is often gradual, so please be patient! We urge you furthermore to always consult a healthcare professional when the need warrants it. God uses many instruments, both natural and supernatural, to heal, and we encourage you to make use of as many of them as necessary.

It is our sincere prayer that as you read this book and pray these prayers, you will grow closer to God and receive all that He wants to give you, now and in eternity.

Paperback, 96 pp.