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Fatima Today the Third Millenium by Robert J. Fox

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Fatima Today is now in its second edition for the Third Millennium. Father Fox is often recognized as the leading scholar on Fatima in America and often called upon by those who research.

The famous Canon of Sacred Theology, Father Jose Galamba de Oliveira who was the Fatima Diocesan President of the Commission for the Causes of Jacinta and Francisco Marto of Leiria-Fatima, wrote the preface to the first edition saying: "It is not easy to write a book about Fatima without repeating what so many writers have written before, in the different countries and in several languages. When reading this book, we notice its value by the original way of writing about Fatima as history, and about Jacinta's life. Such a work could not have been done without deep meditation and without a serious study of the Fatima documents." This same priest who endorsed Fatima Today is mentioned repeatedly in Sister Lucia's Memoirs.

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