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Experiencing Jesus With Mother Teresa

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Experiencing Jesus With Mother Teresa by Jean Maalouf. ("Praying With Mother Teresa"--revised and expanded) Softcover, 160 pp.

The story of Blessed Mother Teresa--who has been called the most revered and the most powerful woman of the past century--is simply an extraordinary love story. Jesus Christ was her beloved and the center of her entire life. Each of the seventeen meditations in this book is meant to encourage readers to experience Jesus by learning how Mother Teresa herself experienced Jesus.

This newly revised and expanded edition of Praying with Mother Teresa covers the main themes of her unique spirituality, which focused on seeing Christ in all she met, especially in the poorest of the poor. Each meditation includes opening and closing prayers, biographical information about her life, words from Mother Teresa and Scripture, and questions for reflection. As readers pray through each meditation, they will be inspired by their own experience of Jesus to shine with his light, as Mother Teresa did, to all whom they encounter each day.