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Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime by Dr. Ray Guarendi - Catholic Family Book, Softcover, 306 pp.

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In Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime, Dr. Ray Guarendi cuts through the psychobabble of so much of today's parenting advice to give parents sound advice and insights in raising and disciplining their children. Dr. Ray is a clinical psychologist and father of 10 children.

"Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime (Servant Books, 2003), is my newest book release. It focuses directly on discipline, answering over 100 of the most common, and most frustrating discipline questions parents ask. Sibling Quibbling, Backtalk, Bedtime Badtimes, Temper Tempests, Whining, Birth Order, "Strong-Willed" conduct ¯ if kids do it, and parents face it, Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime aims to answer it. As with all my books and tapes, this newest book comes with my "Talk Show Guarantee" - your kids will never appear on any afternoon TV talk show, on stage that is. I can't do anything about them wanting to sit in the audience."

Packed with humor and plenty of real life ideas, this book will improve your self-confidence, authority, and peace of mind as a parent. Shunning psychobabble and psychological correctness, it's goal is to put the grown up in the family in charge. And when parents rule with love and discipline, children benefit in ways that last a lifetime.

In this book you'll learn:

  • How discipline is love in action
  • Psychological correctness and other disciplinary worries
  • Discipline and the nature of kids
  • Misbehavior in word and deed
  • Disciplining against the flow
  • And so much more ...

    Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime is an updated and expanded version of some material from the You're a Better Parent Than You Think audio/video series.