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Courageous Love, a Bible Study on Holiness for Women by Stacy Mitch

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"Finally, a Bible study for women that draws upon the richness of our Catholic tradition! This study promotes an authentic Christian feminism by calling women to holiness in all walks of life."
- Mary Cunningham Agee, Executive Director, The Nurturing Network

"Having been in a number of prayer groups over the years, I can readily see how very helpful this Bible study program will be. It will help 'beginners' overcome their worries about conducting a good prayer group experience. And the more experienced will be delighted with the expert way that the author brings together Scripture and Tradition for a rich understanding of the themes explored."
- Helen M Alvare, Assoc. Prof., Columbus School of Law, CUA

Courageous Love guides women through Scripture and the Catechism in an exploration of who God has called us to be. What a refreshing and thought-provoking resource for individual or group study! Highly recommended."
- Kinberly Hahn, Author, Life-Giving Love

"Courageous Love: A Bible Study on Holiness for Women is a valuable tool in attaining true holiness for Catholic women in today's world. The references to Sacred Scripture and the insightful questions which follow will assist Catholic women in appreciating the beauty and wealth of the Scriptures. This work will greatly assist them in discovering their call to holiness by God and living it out as women committed to the Lord."
- Most Rev. John J. Myers, DD., J.C.D., Archbishop of Newark