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Climbing the Mountain, Discovering Your Path to Holiness

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Climbing the Mountain, Discovering Your Path to Holiness, co-authored by Anne, a lay apostle, and Bill Quinn.

This soft cover edition contains the fascinating story of how The Returning King Mission began and how it has blossomed into a worldwide apostolate under the watchful eye of and in complete obedience to the Church.

Also featured, for the first time in print, is a summary of Anne's mystical experiences of heaven, along with her vision of the call to holiness that each of us must hear.


  • The story of Anne, wife, mother and lay apostle
  • Anne's journey on the Mountain of Holiness
  • Anne's experience of heaven
  • The entire Heaven Speaks collection: Youths, Prisoners, Addictions, Abortion, Divorce, Depression, Soldiers, Sexual Abuse, Stress, Priests and Religious

    Soft Cover Edition 306 Pages, includes full page color photo of Jesus Christ, The Returning King, plus others