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Catholicism - Now I Get It! by Claire Furia Smith

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Are you a member of the "lost generation”? Do you still feel in a bit of a "fog" over the details of your Catholic upbringing and education?

Finally! Here's the opportunity to "connect the dots" and tap into the true joys of the Faith!

Written in a warm, friend-to-friend style by a fellow "lost generation" author, Claire Furia Smith, Catholicism: Now I Get It! is a refreshing guide for rediscovering the doctrine, truths, and deep satisfaction in your faith that may have never quite "clicked."

Recalling childhood memories of her own religious education, the author relates to readers with wit, humor, and loads of encouragement.

With simple explanations of key concepts, enlightened discussions of common misperceptions, and thought provoking ideas for spiritual growth.

Catholicism: Now I Get It! helps readers clear the "fog" and bring faith into daily life. It empowers readers with:

  • The highlights of historical origins, beliefs, and traditions of the Catholic Church
  • The truth behind the Sacraments
  • The "aha!" explanations of the "whys" behind Church Tradition
  • Unwavering support to get -- and stay -- focused on living out the Faith

    Sometimes amusing, sometimes poignant, Catholicism: Now I Get It! gives readers the spark they need to begin their own unique journeys.

    Recapture the fullness of your Catholic Faith. Discover what you've been missing today!

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    Paperback, Size 5” x 8”, 256 pages