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Brother Francis DVD Series

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Join Brother Francis and his friends as they inspire children in their Catholic faith. This entertaining and instructive series features stories, visual examples, music and practical application!

An excellent catechetical resource for schools, CCD classes, and homeschooling.

Series that are available:

  • Let's Pray DVD encourages children to strengthen their personal relationship with God through purposeful prayer.
  • Bread of Life DVD is an exeptional way to prepare children for their first Holy Communion.
  • The Rosary DVD will inspire children to deepen their faith by praying the Rosary.
  • The Mass DVD is a unique way of helping children experience the presence of Christ as they attend Mass.
  • Forgiven DVD is a wonderful way to help children understand the Sacrament of Confession.
  • Born into the Kingdom DVD In this happy presentation, Brother Francis invites us to share in the realities of the Sacrament of Baptism and the union it provides us with God's big family!

  • Length: 25 MIN
  • Languages: English, Spainish

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