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Before I Go-- Letters to Our Children about What Reallys Matters by Peter Kreeft

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Most parents have no trouble telling their children how to dress, drive, study, or shave, but struggle to talk with them about how best to live-about real love, faith, integrity, values, true enrichment, and success.

In the tradition of Tuesdays with Morrie, renowned Catholic philosopher Peter Kreeft now shares with us the wisdom that he has compiled for his children as his best gift to them. Readable and browsable, these heart-to-heart chats present priceless truths to live by in a casual, yet compelling way.

"Peter Kreeft's latest book, presented as homey advice about life to his own children, appears deceptively simple, but it is profound and thought provoking. This is no surprise for all Kreeft fans, myself included." FATHER BENEDICT J. GROESCHEL C.F.R., author of The Virtue-Driven Life

"Peter Kreeft exhibits four gifts: he writes beautifully, he has a sense of humor, he really loves wisdom, and he is not afraid to share that love. Fortunate are the young people into whose hands falls this book." LAWRENCE S. CUNNINGHAM, University of Notre Dame, author of Thomas Merton: Performing the Gospel Life

"Readers rightly look for both wit and sagacity from Peter Kreet. they will find both in this book. But they will also find that both spring from the heart of a very wise father who walks with the Father of us all." - THOMAS HOWARD, author of On Being Catholic

Hardcover. 255 PP.