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A Child's Book of Virtues by Kay McSpadden

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A Child's Book of Virtues

14 exciting stories that teach the secrets to a successful life and point out pitfalls along the way!

We all need role models. A Child's Book of Virtues introduces some of the world's greatest: Noble Knights, plucky peasants, can-do kids.. and even a few unfortunates whose surprising mistakes and mishaps make them role models in reverse!

Drawn from history, literature and beloved folk tales, the characters in A Child's Book of Virtues delight and entertain with their exciting stories. Best of all, they serve as an inspiration and warning to choose the virtues necessary for a successful life.

Virtues you'll learn about in these pages:
  • Perseverance from Nikki Tikki Tumbo
  • Leadership from the Banyan Deer
  • Sportsmanship from the knight Roland
  • Judgment from Don Quixote
  • Loyalty from Huck Finn
  • Forgiveness from Bishop Myriel
  • And many more!

    Book size 11.5" x 8.5". Hardcover 62 pp.