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A Catholic Perspective on the Purpose Driven Life 959/04

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A Catholic Perspective on the Purpose Driven Life

This book provides opportunities for guided reflection, sharing and prayer that reinforce many of Pastor Rick Warren’s points with additional commentaries on areas in which Catholic teaching varies. Using this companion guide, which follows Warren’s 40-day process, either individually or in a group, will assist Roman Catholics in transforming their lives and appreciating the richness and beauty of their Faith tradition.

Review(s): “With true ecumenical sensitivity, Father Champlin has clearly identified the points of agreement and difference between Pastor Warren’s and Catholic teaching in his A CATHOLIC PERSPECTIVE ON THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE.” —Most Reverend Tod D. Brown Bishop, Diocese of Orange

“Father Champlin’s clarifications and enrichments of points in Rick Warren’s THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE can help us claim its treasure in the context of Catholic tradition and teaching. Father Champlin’s theological clarity and seasoned wisdom inspire us even more to hear God’s call in Warren’s framework of 40 days.” —Patricia H. Livingston Author and inspirational speaker