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4" Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue PC944

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When the Spanish missionaries came to Mexico in the 1500's, they had great difficulty winning souls to Jesus. One day Juan Diego, an Indian Catholic living near Mexico City, heard a voice calling him as he walked to church. A young maiden dressed as an Aztec Princess appeared to him in a golden beam of light, saying she was the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. She requested Juan to have the bishop build a church on the hill of Tepeyac, so she could show her compassion to his people. The skeptical bishop asked for a sign. The Virgin Mary directed Juan to pick roses, which she arranged in his tilma. Kneeling before the bishop, Juan let the roses fall from his tilma. To everyone's surprise and wonder, the image of the Lady was imprinted on the tilma! Bishop Zumarraga fulfilled Mary's wish by building a church in her honor, where her image was enshrined. In the next few decades, eight million Indians converted to Jesus. Our Lady of Guadalupe took her rightful place in the hearts of her children.

Our Lady of Guadalupe's feast day is December 12th. Parton of the unborn and the Americas.

Fashioned after the carving and painting style of the bestselling Bellavista statues from Milagros

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  • Size: 4”
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