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The God of Miracles by Michael H. Brown
The God of Miracles by Michael H. Brown

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Does God really heal? Does He really watch over your life? Does He really cause all those fateful happenings and triumphant moments and coincidences that mystify us?

Drawing on years of correspondence and research, journalist Michael H. Brown demonstrates that the clear and ringing answer is YES! God is with us always in ways we can hardly comprehend. He is closer than our shadows. He wants the best for us. He wants to give us what we need. He wants to heal. He wants to fix the broken heart, the busted spirit. He wants abundant life for us. But it takes action. It takes holiness on our part and the living of several basic principles.

In this bestselling book, you will read about the remarkable way that miracles have occurred during natural calamities. You will see indications from the other side of the veil. You will see examples of extraordinary coincidences that prove beyond any skepticism that God can do whatever He wants whenever He wants and responds when we exhibit the characteristics of Jesus:
Love. Patience. Humility.

How do we best spiritually develop? Is there a formula that Jesus has left us? How is it that we connect most directly with the Lord, with Our Creator -- with The God of Miracles?

Read about AIDS and cancer patients who have survived beyond all odds. About the strange way God can even connect people through the telephone. About astounding signs. About those who have overcome the most intimidating and evil of circumstances through prayer and faith in dramatic settings.

Hurricanes? Earthquakes? Problems in the family?

There is nothing that is beyond the God of Miracles Who only waits until we learn to call on Him!

Michael H. Brown is the author of more than twenty books, including Catholic bestsellers such as The Other Side and The Final Hour. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows, among them Nightline, The Today Show, NBC's Ancient Prophecies, Mother Angelica, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and McNeil Lehrer Report.

Product Details:

  • Paperback
  • 186 pages

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