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St. Jude, Patron Saint of Desperate Situations

Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes. He is a particularly important saint for Catholics during times of difficulties and challenges. Jude was one of the original Apostles who followed Christ. He was a missionary, who spread the newly born Christian faith all over Syria and modern-day Iraq. Martyred by the Romans, Jude was one of the first witnesses of Christianity.

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Saint Jude was born in the Holy Land, sometime in the first century BC. He was one of the original apostles. Saint Jude is known sometimes as Saint Jude of Thaddeus or Jude the Apostle. We know very little about Saint Jude as an apostle, and he is only mentioned twice in the Gospels. However, after the death and resurrection of Jesus, Saint Jude became very active in spreading the Word of God. Saint Jude traveled all over Syria and modern day Iraq, spreading the word of God. He even brought Christ’s message as far as distant Armenia.

Jude is also the author of the penultimate book of the New Testament, the Epistle of Jude.

His missionary work came to the attention of the Romans. In modern Beirut he was arrested, and when he refused to recant his faith, he suffered martyrdom. Saint Jude was beheaded around 65 AD.

Saint Jude’s remains were eventually brought to Rome, and are buried under the Basilica of Saint Peter’s in the Vatican.

After his death many visited his tomb. Here, they prayed to the saint and asked for his help.

Saint Jude is a well known miracle worker, which is why he has become the patron saint of lost causes and hope. His intercession has given countless of the faithful hope when there was none. There have been countless miracles credited to Jude. He has helped everyone, from the poor to the great. To this day, St Jude is helping those who come to him.

In 2009, the payers of the parents of a seriously ill baby, Astrin Rodriguez, were answered by the saint, and the infant made a miraculous recovery.

An Indian Christian suffering from cancer, who was a member of a Protestant denomination, prayed at the Church of St. Jude in Mangalore. He was miraculously cured.

Saint Jude believed that faith was the greatest force in the world:
“Build yourself on the mount of faith.”

Saint Jude Thaddeus has been helping Christians for two thousand years, and will continue to help those in need.