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St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Carpenters and Dying and Fathers

Though Saint Joseph has many titles, he is best known as the earthly father of Jesus Christ. Joseph was a humble carpenter who married the Blessed Virgin Mary. Joseph brought up the child Jesus, and trained him in the art of carpentry. Saint Joseph, a hard worker and the head of the Holy Family, is a model for all fathers and working individuals today.

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St. Joseph was born in Galilee in the first century BC. He was a carpenter by trade. There is little known about the early life of St. Joseph; what we know about him comes from the New Testament.

Joseph married Mary, who was somewhat younger than him. Upon discovering that she was pregnant he decided to divorce her. If Joseph had publicly spurned her, Mary could have been stoned to death. Instead, Joseph attempted to ensure that no harm came either to Mary or her unborn child. Later, Joseph had a vision of an angel who told him that Mary’s child was the Son of God.

After Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, another angel appeared and told Joseph to flee with his family because King Herod wanted to kill the Infant. The Holy Family spent some time in Egypt, but later returned home after another angel told him that it was safe for the family to return to Galilee.

After his return home, Joseph is believed to have taught Jesus the craft of a carpenter. Here, the future saint lived the quiet and humble life of an ordinary worker. There is only one more mention of Joseph in the Bible, when he is searching for the twelve year old Jesus who had gone missing on pilgrimage. Saint Joseph then disappears from the New Testament.

The saint lived to a great old age. One source claimed that he lived until he was 109. It is believed that he died before Jesus began his ministry and before his Son’s crucifixion.

Saint Joseph is the patron saint of workers on account of his trade as a carpenter and his humble and modest life. St. Joseph has been credited with many miracles over the centuries. Many of these have occurred in recent years.

The saint was credited with curing a woman of cancer after she regularly prayed to him.

During a typhoon in the Philippines, there was widespread devastation. The only thing literally left standing was a statue of St. Joseph.

St. Joseph was a humble and modest man. His faith was simple, and almost childlike. The present Pope, Pope Francis, is a firm admirer of St Joseph, whom he described as “a strong man of silence.” He lived a humble life, but one that was rich in faith and love.

St. Joseph is an example for every Catholic.