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Making Sense out of Scripture by Mark P. Shea
Making Sense out of Scripture by Mark P. Shea

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Revolutionize Your Personal Bible Study…

Now You Can Read and Understand Scripture the Way the First Christians Did!

What’s the best way to approach Bible study? Can Catholics today learn to read Scripture the way Jesus and the Apostles did? Or has the early Church’s rich and ancient method of discerning the sense of a biblical passage been lost to us — possibly forever?

Understanding Christ’s Revelation

Now, award winning Catholic author Mark Shea, shares the story of his conversion from Evangelical Christianity to Catholicism and the secrets of reading the Bible according to the Church’s Living Tradition in the provocative book Making Sense Out of Scripture.

While still an Evangelical, Mark realized that, while he believed in the Protestant doctrine of the “Bible Alone,” he was actually dependent upon his church, teachers, books, Christian radio and TV for his understanding of Christ’s revelation. As a devoted seeker of biblical wisdom Mark believed that Bible study must be guided by the Holy Spirit, but upon encountering Church history, he discovered that to be “led by the Spirit” is to be led toward Tradition and the Catholic Church and not away from them.

A Practical Guide

In this inspiring and enlightening new series, Mark offers a wonderfully practical guide for reading the Bible according to the Church’s living Tradition. He expertly draws on the riches of the Catholic Faith and clearly communicates many profound realities of Sacred Scripture, but always with a witty and down-to-earth style that make his presentations truly easy to understand for beginners and advanced Bible readers alike. As you read this engaging and enlightening series, you’ll gain many invaluable insights into Scripture as Mark clears up modern confusion about biblical interpretation. In fact, you’ll find the Holy page more accessible than ever before as you let Mark Shea take you on a fascinating “high-speed fly-over” of the biblical story from Genesis to Revelation. Mark shows you how to explore the literal, allegorical, moral, and analogical senses of Scripture by rediscovering a way of reading the Bible that is as old as Scripture itself.

Read the Bible with New Eyes

Mark Shea does a great service for today’s Catholics with these entertaining and informative talks. He uncovers popular misconceptions and reveals ancient wisdom that will come as a welcome addition to any program of personal Bible study. You’ll be fascinated as you discover how, all throughout the New Testament Jesus and the Apostles recognized both the literal and spiritual senses of Scripture. And why their venerable and profound approach is simply lost on most modern Christians. Whether you’ve been studying Scripture for years, or are encountering it for the very first time, Making Senses Out of Scripture will help you find out how to rediscover this lost art and begin reading the Bible with new eyes.

In This Series You’ll Discover:

  • What the rest of the world was doing while Israel was preserving the revelation entrusted to it by God
  • Was there monotheism in the ancient world outside of Judaism
  • Why the Old Testament is only fully understandable in light of the New Testament and vice versa
  • What are the four senses of Scripture
  • How the sixth covenant makes us see the Old Testament on a brand new way
  • Why Bible study must embrace more than the literal sense of Scripture
  • How Sacred Tradition is the natural environment for Sacred Scripture
  • What is the "analogy of faith"
  • How to read Scripture according to the mind of the Church.

    Paperback: 262 pages

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