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Icon Reproductions

Icons are a wonderful part of the Church's history and art, particularly in the Eastern Church. They teach us about history, doctrine, morality and theology. They are objects of devotion, to inspire both communal and personal prayer. These are wonderful objects to hang on your wall, to raise your mind to God.
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ABOUT THE ARTIST:  St. Theodosia's Icon Shop is the fulfillment of my search for a vocation and a childhood dream of managing my own business, which had its beginnings on my apartment kitchen counter in the early 1990's.  The business is named after a saint whose convent of women became martyrs for their loyalty to icon veneration.    Having just joined the Church, I had spent many Sundays at the Holy Transfiguration Monastery, north of Ukiah, California, and wanted some way to spread the Catholic Faith.  It was then that I fully discovered my passion for Icon art.  In the ensuring years, my work caught the eyes of Tom and Joanne Peters, who kindly agreed to feature it on their website. These lovely sacramentals have found their way to countries from the Philippines to Alaska, from Canada to Poland, to Russia and Romania and along both U.S. coastlines.   "Now that the only begotten Son has purposed to become man, He has become a sharer in our flesh and blood. That is why we portray in art form His human features."  - Germanus of Constantinople