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His Instruments: If God Could Use Them... He Can Use Us. By Sebastion Myladiyil
His Instruments: If God Could Use Them... He Can Use Us.   By Sebastion Myladiyil

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Occasionally one may hear, "Can we not leave Adam, Eve, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and others in the Old Testament alone, and just focus on Jesus? Why bother bringing them into our lives? After all, they lived in another era. Their lives were totally different from ours; their situations have nothing in common with us." Fr. Sebastian's response to these questions is simple: We still need to consider them today, both for introspection and reassurance. They can help us face ourselves honestly and help us to be cognizant of our own mistakes, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities, gaining insights so we can advance in our spiritual journey. They can also give us the reassurance that just as God was present in their lives and guided them, the living God continues to be present with us and guides us.  We can come to know their strengths and weaknesses, their dreams and aspirations, their struggles and triumphs, their victories with God or failures without God. We can marvel at the faith and resilience of some, or we can wonder about the wrong choices of others. But after reflecting upon their lives and experiences, one thing is certain: they have a lesson to teach us today that can transform us for the better.  His Instruments presents an insightful look into the lives of 40 Bible characters. True to the Scriptures, Fr. Sebastian fleshes out these instruments of God's grace. Each chapter includes reflective questions to enhance individual or group study. The final chapter shows how Jesus Christ fulfills the promise of each of their lives.  Format: Paperback Number of Pages: 256

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