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Catholic Books: Customer Favorites
Catholic Books: Customer Favorites

Catholic Books: Customer Favorites

Here are the most popular titles flying off the shelves at Catholic Books & Gifts / Catholic Free Shipping. All orders of $20.00 or more qualifies for our FAST and FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the United States (orders less than that are only $2.99 more). We hope you will enjoy these books as much as our other customers have.

Pieta Prayer Booklet
Published by Miraculous Lady of Roses

Also available in a LARGE PRINT version. The Pieta Prayer Booklet provides a handy resource to help increase your daily prayers to gain graces and form a deeper devotion to God. It contains the fifteen St. Bridget Prayers with many other popular prayers, devotions, and hymns (like the Angelus, Salve Regina, St. Michael Chaplet, The Magnificat, etc.).

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My Daily Bread
by Fr. Anthony J. Paone, SJ

This is a compact-sized devotional containing brief, daily meditations. Jesuit priest Fr. Paone will guide you through the three stages of purification, imitation, and union that leads you closer to Jesus Christ. Written in a way that every reader can understand, My Daily Bread helps ordinary people comprehend and then put into practice the principles of our faith.

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"Get Us Out Of Here!!"
by Maria Simma and Nicky Eltz

When she was twenty-five years old, Austrian mystic Maria Simma was visited by the souls in purgatory. Through these experiences, we get a glimpse of what happens next after we die, and, words of advice (and warning) from those who have gone ahead of us. Not only a narrative documenting Simma's encounters, but spiritual guidance for us as well.

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He and I
by Gabrielle Bossis

Gabrielle Bossis was a Twentieth Century French mystic. At an early age, she began to hear the voice of Jesus, though it was not until close to her death that she began to earnestly pay attention to it. She wrote these conversations down in her journal, which later would be published as this book. A great account of how Jesus speaks to us in every moment.

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The Life of St. Joseph
by Sr. Maria Cecilia Baij, OSB

In 1736, Jesus Christ Himself dictated to Sr. Maria Cecilia Baij, a Benedictine nun in a convent in Italy, this intimate narrative of the entire life of St. Joseph, the husband of Our Lady and the head of the Holy Family. Though Sr. Maria Cecilia has never read anything on St. Joseph prior to this, the book has been found free of doctrinal or moral errors.

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Mothers' Manual
by Fr. A. Francis Coomes, SJ

This guide contains many prayers and guides for women in various stages of their motherhood: from the recently married, to those first experiencing parenthood, to those raising children. Fr. Coomes helps women fulfill the dignity proper to their state through the motherhood of Our Lady, who has a particular regard and intercedes for all mothers like her.

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