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Liturgical Objects

This is the small pot-like thing in which incense is burned during mass. It usually has a cover and chain to contain and hold, respectively, the charcoal and incense. It has been used for centuries in the mass.

This is the small object in which the incense is kept before it is put in the censor. It is called a boat because it has traditionally been shaped in the image of a boat, as a boat is a symbol for the Church.

An aspergillum is the holy water sprinkler. It is a stick with a ball at the end. The ball is dipped into a bucket of Holy Water and then shaken to sprinkle the congregation with the Holy Water.

Bells have been used throughout the history of the Church to highlight some important time or call people to prayer. Small, hand-held bells are often used at mass to highlight the consecration, so that people know that this is a very important time. Sometimes large bells outside the church are rung to call people to prayer or mass.

The tabernacle is the box in which the Body and Blood of Jesus is reserved. Catholics believe that once the bread and wine are turned into the Body and Blood of Jesus, they are the Body and Blood of Jesus until the appearances of bread and wine no longer remain, so if there are remaining hosts after Communion, they are reserved in the tabernacle. The tabernacle should be very beautiful and ornate, because it holds Jesus in His body, blood, soul and divinity.

Sanctuary Lamp
The sanctuary lamp is a candle lit near the tabernacle to show that Jesus is present in the tabernacle. It points out where the Eucharist is reserved in the church and is extinguished only when the tabernacle is empty. It is a visible reminder that Jesus is present in a special way and that we must be reverent.

The pulpit is the stand from which the readings are read. It should be blessed and reserved for the reading of the word of God. It is special because from that place we learn from the Bible and hear the word of God.

Roman Missal
The Roman missal is the large book of prayers which the priest reads from during Mass. It contains all the instructions on how to celebrate the mass as well as every prayer that is said during the mass. It was formerly called the sacramentary.

The lectionary is the book which contains all the readings at mass. The lectors and priests read from it at the time of the liturgy of the word. Instead of reading from the Bible, the lectors and priests read from this lectionary, which has the proper readings for the proper days all arranged.

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