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Website Award
Website Award

Welcome to the Awards page. We offer an award to prestigious Catholic web sites that display an exceptional quality not often found elsewhere on the Internet. Web sites that show the CFS Award graphic, customized for each nominated web site, have undergone review by our award team to make sure each website meets the minimum criterion, and then have been carefully chosen by our staff.

Your website will be added to our special list of award winners.


The criteria that we may use to judge your web site may consist of the following:

Basic CriteriaFidelity - Web site content must be in accordance to the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church and loyal to his Holiness, Pope John Paul II. Content - The content is of an exceptional quality. Web Design - Easy to use navigation, consistent, and up-to-date.

Disqualification CriteriaBroken Images - Web sites with many broken images are usually not very good resources, due to lack of updating. Thus they may not qualify.Under Construction - Although a good web site is always under construction, an incomplete web site with many unfinished web pages may not qualify for the award.Non-Catholic Christian - Although we love our Christian brothers and sisters, this is specifically an award for Roman Catholic web sites by a Roman Catholic company.

Although not necessary, we appreciate your support of our Catholic website and would encourage applicants to place a link to CatholicFreeShipping on their web sites.

Apply for Award

To apply for the Catholic Web Award, please e-mail our Webmaster with the following information:

Your name and e-mail address. Name and e-mail address of the nominated site webmaster (if not you). The URL of the site you are nominating. The name of the site you are nominating. A brief description of the site being nominated. Any comments or additional details you'd like to add.

Please be patient, it could take some time to respond. The response will be in the form of an e-mail. If you receive an award, attached to that e-mail will be the award image and the html code to include with the award. If you did not receive an award, we will explain why to the best of our ability and resources. Please take this feedback constructively. If you are willing to address the deficiencies that are identified, you can reapply and be reconsidered for the award.

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