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Fr. Tim Peters Presents
117 Scripture Verses from the Old Testament that everyone should know

Fr. Tim Peters is a Catholic diocesan priest in Orange County, CA. One of the 12 Peters children, he received his doctorate from the Angelicum University in Rome.

He teaches Biblical Theology as well as the biblical languages at St. John's Seminary in California.

A Journey through the Old Testament : 117 Scriptures that everyone should know

In this exciting Journey through the Old Testament Fr. Tim Peters takes you through some of the most important texts in the Catholic Bible and in all of salvation history. This will help you understand the relationship between the Old and the New Testament and the reason that Jesus came to fulfill all that was written in the Law, the Writings and Prophets. Make this your yearly goal and try to listen to each one of these talks which will help you read the Bible with confidence and understanding.

We are proud to present his free video biblical study. Please feel free to use this bible study in your home, with a church group, or in any type of church setting. This is free for everyone. We'd like as many people to join in with this bible study as possible, so please link back to it if you have a website, or share it via facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media.

Fr. Tim uses the RSV Bible in his study and recommends you have a copy handy while you follow along this free bible study.

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1st Video
Genesis 1:28

2nd Video
Genesis 3:15

3rd Video
Genesis 12:1

4th Video
Genesis 22:6

5th Video
Genesis 45:3

6th Video
Exodus 3:12

7th Video
Exodus 6:6

8th Video
Genesis 49:9

9th Video
Coming Soon

10th Video
Exodus 12:11

11th Video
Exodus 16:15

12th Video
Coming Soon

13th Video
Exodus 32:31

14th Video
Exodus 34:6

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