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Green, Vinyl, 4x6 1/4 192 pp.

This new book in the Spiritual Life Series sets forth inspiring prayers for the healing of soul and body. Each day contains a specific Scripture quotation, reflection, and prayer to facilitate healing in oneís life.

INTRODUCTION: "Our journey through life presents many challenges to our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and with them come opportunities for healing. We all have our share of brokenness. We all need to bring our woundedness and suffering before the Lord every day.

As we age, physical diminishments begin to take their toll and soon our lives are consumed with doctors and medicines. Psychic pain has no regard for age, gender, or race as fears take their hold over us. Depression, anger, anxiety, and unforgiveness rob us of the health and happiness that we seek as Godís beloved children. Loss of faith and hope lead us to a spiritual night of the soul that brings unrelenting anguish and prevents us from knowing the joy and freedom that we have been promised.

Knowing the human condition as intimately as He does, Jesus wants to carry our burdens and lighten our load. When we turn to Him with childlike humility, everything changes for us. The powerful force of Godís love can break through any pain and suffering we encounter. Scripture tells us that ďall who believe will have eternal life in HimĒ (Jn 3:15). Time in Scripture leads us into eternal values. We are led to reflect upon death, judgment, eternity, heaven, and hell; where weíve come from; where weíre going; Godís plan for our lives. Time in Scripture leads us to lift our eyes above the horizon of our daily concerns to the very heart of human life. As we study the Scriptures, the Holy Spirit will teach us the deeper truths of life...."

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